More things not to do when you are arrested for a DUI.

I guess she is proud of herself.

Watch out drinkers!  The police will be out in force this Thanksgiving weekend!  If you do get arrested, please don’t act like this lady:

“Arizona cops might disagree with Michelle Watson’s two thumbs-up review of her night on the town.

The intoxicated 24-year-old reportedly shoved one police officer and kneed a second in the crotch during a profanity-laced battle with cops after her drunken driving arrest.

A police report unearthed by reported the woman was driving her Honda Civic erratically through Prescott, Ariz., when she was stopped by cops.

The suspect was spotted driving in the middle of the road, bouncing off the curb and eventually driving onto a sidewalk as she tried to park her car, according to a police report.

Watson was hardly a happy drunk when police tried to take her into custody at 8:10 p.m. last Thursday.

“I don’t have to walk f—— anywhere,” she snapped at one officer. She then shoved the cop before kneeing a second officer in the crotch as she was put in handcuffs, the report said.

She continued kicking and swearing until police managed to add leg restraints to her handcuffs. Watson was charged with “DUI-super extreme” after her blood-alcohol level was measured at three times the legal driving limit.

She was also accused of aggravated assault and resisting arrest — although her anger dissipated by the time of her mug shot.

The suspect flashed a grin and two big thumbs up for cops as they took her photo inside the Yavapai County Jail.”

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