This Week in DUI

An interesting week in the world of DUI.  We’ve had the following people arrested for DUIs:

Miss USA 2010 Rima Faikh (who initially tried to deny the incident on twitter, before removing the tweet);

— Los Angeles Dodger first baseman James Loney, who struck three cars while driving in his Maserati, then passed out.  After awaking, he then attempted to leave the scene.  Blood tests are pending;

Randy Babbitt, the administrator of the FAA, who was stopped for driving on the wrong side of the street.

Update:  The DWI case against Mr. Babbitt was dismissed after a judge found that there was no probable cause for the arrest.

Unidentified State Trooper and Carmen Iacullo

Carmen Iacullo, an Illinois Department of Transportation official, who has represented the agency at events regarding safe driving, was stopped for improper lane usage.  He was given a breath test and scored 0.098.  He was also cited for driving without proof of insurance.

A Miami police officer got a DUI — after he was discovered passed out in his own squad car!

The head of the New York Public Library plead guilty to a DUI — he blew 0.19 on a Sunday afternoon.

William Bernhardt II, a New Times best-selling author of crime novels, was arrested for his third DUI after an accident.  He had a BAC of 0.24!

Don’t drive while drunk!

Golden State Warrior’s guard Charlie Bell was jailed on his court date for his DUI case — because he was drunk!

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