Report holiday drunk drivers, earn $100

Report holiday drunk drivers, earn $100 – Lake County News-Sun.

Hot off the presses from the Lake County News-Sun:

“Besides a number of police departments cracking down on holiday drunk driving, The Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists (AAIM) is helping citizens target drunk drivers for a reward.


The group is working together in a joint effort to remove impaired drivers from the roadways over the Christmas and New Year’s holiday weekends through their Drunkbusters program and law enforcement’s 2011 holiday “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” impaired driving campaign.


Motorists can be paid $100 for reporting an impaired driver that leads to a DUI arrest. The program is in effect for all of Illinois over the holiday weekends. Drunkbusters runs year round in Lake, McHenry, DuPage, Will and Kane counties.


The Drunkbuster program has paid out over $445,000, resulting in the arrests of over 4,450 impaired motorists since the program started in 1990. The program is funded by fines collected from convicted drunk drivers.


If the report results in an arrest for drunk driving, as confirmed in writing from the arresting agency, AAIM will send the caller $100.


Drunkbusters have reported drunk drivers from convenience stores and gas stations, but the most popular method is via cell phone.


Callers should identify the possible drunk drivers by describing the erratic driving behavior of the vehicle in question, its description, location, direction of travel, and if possible, the license plate number.


According to AAIM more than 800 people were injured during the Christmas holiday last year and over 535 during the New Year’s holiday.”

Please remember to celebrate in a safe and healthy manner.


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