Wishing you a safe, happy and arrest-free New Year!

This is the time of year when police are out in force conducting roadblocks.

So please remember to drive carefully.

The best way not to get a DUI is to not drink or drive.

But if you do get pulled over, or are stopped at a roadblock, please:

  • Be courteous and polite;
  • Don’t make any sudden moves;
  • Stay in your car with the seatbelt on until the officer tells you otherwise;
  • Try to avoid leaning against your car, or holding onto to car or using the car door for support when exiting, as the officer will claim you needed to do so to keep your balance;
  •  Don’t volunteer any information, such as whether you had been drinking, where you had been drinking or how much (but don’t lie about it either);
  • Don’t admit to being under the influence;
  • Politely refuse all field sobriety tests and breath, blood or urine tests.
  • Contact an attorney as soon as possible.  (My office number is 312-346-7730)

Wishing you a safe and healthy New Year!

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