Carmen Iacullo, IDOT official, pleads guilty to DUI

IDOT official pleads guilty to drunk driving

Carmen Iacullo, an Illinois Department of Transportation official who has represented IDOT at safe driving programs, plead guilty to driving under the influence of alcohol with a BAC in excess of 0.08. He allegedly had a BAC of 0.098.

According to Clifford Ward of the Chicago Tribune, Mr. Iacullo plead guilty and received a sentence of court supervision, a $1,000 fine and was required to attend a victim impact panel. He was also ordered to wear a SCRAM device, which is an ankle bracelet which detects alcohol consumption. Wearing such a device is highly unusual for a first time offender. According to the Tribune, it was ordered because “it was not possible to install any state-owned vehicle Iacullo may drive with a device that tests blood-alcohol content.” This is somewhat confusing, but it implies that the state agreed to rescind Mr. Iacullo’s six month license suspension in return for wearing the SCRAM, since he was unable to obtain the usual driving permit which requires a breath ignition interlock permit installed on the vehicle.

Update: the Chicago Sun-Times states that Mr. Iacullo will have to serve his six month driver’s license suspension, and will be suspended by IDOT for 30 days. They also report that his total fines, fees and costs add up to $2,405.

Illinois law defines “supervision” as “a means of disposition and revocable release without probationary supervision, but under such conditions and reporting requirements as are imposed by the court, at the successful conclusion of which disposition the defendant is discharged and a judgment dismissing the charges is entered.” 730 ILCS 5/5-1-21. Our Supreme Court has ruled that supervision is not a conviction. One court stated that “the status of a case under an order of supervision then becomes in the nature of a continuance until the conclusion of the period of supervision whereupon the court shall discharge the defendant and enter a judgment dismissing the charges if the defendant successfully complied with the conditions of supervision.”

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