Here is yet another example of how NOT to act when you are being arrested for a DUI, courtesy of former major league pitcher Curtis Leskanic. Pay particular attention to the conversation in the squad car. BTW, this is not safe to play at work unless you turn the sound all the way down (but then you would miss all the fun).

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Former MLBer Curtis Leskanic was arrested in September 2011 on DUI charges and had his 14 or so hours of play on the blogs and news outlets. Now, thanks to those pesky Florida journalists, we have the police dash cam from that night in Orlando. This isn’t your ordinary 1 hour video. Leskanic puts on a show for us. From the minute the cops walk up to his truck, Curtis in on.

But the real gut-busting LOL moments come when he gets in the cruiser.
Posted: Last night

Premise of Video: Police found Leskanic stopped at a green light during daylight hours – with his daughter in the truck. The cop gets him off the road, starts the DUI process and even gets to the walking the line stage. Curt is hammered, arrested and put in the cruiser.

Climax of Video: The cop asks Curtis where he was born.


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