This week’s celebrity DUIs

Guess he wasn't happy about his season ending

San Francisco 49ers rookie linebacker Aldon Smith didn’t waste any time getting into trouble during his off-season.   One week after the 49ers were eliminated by the N.Y. Giants, Smith was arrested by Miami Beach, FL Police for DUI.

According to ESPN, it is likely that Smith, who had 14 sacks in his rookie year, will not miss any games under the NFL’s conduct policy, but will instead likely receive a hefty fine from the league.

Final Destination: Alcohol Treatment?

Ryan Merriman, the “star” of Final Destination 3 and Pretty Little Liars, was charged this week for a DUI that occurred last November in Newport Beach, CA.  Apparently the delay in prosecution was caused by a wait for the results of a blood test to come back.  Mr. Merriman is charged with driving with a BAC over 0.08.

Taran Smith

Taran Smith, who was a child actor on the TV show Home Improvement was charged with DUI and drug possession after he was found parked by a hydrant inside his vehicle, and upon investigation, the officers detected a strong odor of cannabis.  A search of his vehicle lead to the discovery of what is believed to be marijuana.

Avery Brooks

Avery Brooks, best known for his role on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was arrested in Wilton, Conn for driving under the influence of alcohol after allegedly failing field sobriety tests.  It was not reported whether he submitted to a breath or blood alcohol test.

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