Illinois Judicial Primary Elections are coming soon!

Our Illinois Supreme Court Justices

Link to a WBEZ radio story about the upcoming Judicial primary election.

Illinois judicial primary elections are coming soon. Throughout the State, there will be elections for State Supreme Court Justice, Appellate Justice, full Circuit Court and subcircuit judges.

I am a member of the Chicago Bar Association’s Judicial Evaluation Committee, and we have been conducting very thorough investigations of the participating candidates, including contacting from 25 to 75 references and holding hearings with the candidates in person (non-participating candidates are deemed “not recommended”). We have one more candidate scheduled this week, then our results should be publicized. I will provide a link to the CBA election guide once it has been released.

The CBA’s recommendations are based on many factors, but chiefly length and variety of legal and other experience (including trial, motion and appellate experience), temperament, diligence and integrity. These recommendations are non-partisan — in other words, they are not based on a candidate’s political party association.

Other bar groups have, or are in the process of, releasing their recommendations. While I have my own preference for the CBA (because I know of the work that goes into their recommendations, and can attest to their fairness and lack of bias), I suggest that you research as many bar association recommendations as you can find (just keep in mind that the different bar groups each had different purposes for their formations, and that their recommendations may be a reflection of that purpose).

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