Chicago Bar Association Evaluations for Cook County Judicial Races are available

The Chicago Bar Association Judicial Evaluation Committee has released its ratings for the March, 2012 Cook County Judicial primaries.

Here is the link to the CBA’s two page “Vote Smart Guide” for the 2012 elections.

Here is the link to the CBA’s 42 page “Green Guide” to the elections.  This guide breaks down each race, and provides reasons for each finding.

A sidenote:  I am a member of the CBA JEC committee, and I was present at about half of the candidate hearings (because we usually hold two hearings simultaneously, it is impossible to be present at all hearings).  I can attest that the Committee gave fair hearings to the Candidates, and based its decisions strictly on legal experience, knowledge and ability, integrity, judicial temperament, diligence and work ethic.  Demonstrated commitment to community service or pro bono activities were considered as a bonus factor.

Please pay extra attention to anyone rated “highly qualified” as those individuals demonstrated exemplary qualities.

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