Cook County Judge Rules that the Illinois Eavesdropping Statute is Unconstitutional

Cook County Judge Stanley Sacks ruled today that the Illinois Eavesdropping Statute, which made it a Class 1 felony punishable between four and fifteen years in prison to video record a police officer in his official duties, was unconstitutional.

Judge Sacks is the second judge since September to find the law unconstitutional (Judge David Frankland of Crawford County is the other – his order can be found here).

Surely, this issue is headed to the Illinois Supreme Court for a definitive ruling — unless HB3944, which would amend the Illinois Eavesdropping statute to allow citizens to video record police officers on duty, is passed and signed into law and the issue becomes moot.


2 thoughts on “Cook County Judge Rules that the Illinois Eavesdropping Statute is Unconstitutional

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  2. The has issued an informational video and a press release, to help the media and the general public in the upcoming oral argument at the Illinois Supreme Court hearing in Annabel Melongo’s eavesdropping case. The hearing is scheduled for January 14th, 2014, at the 18th floor of the Michael A. Bilandic Building, 160 N. LaSalle Street, Chicago at 9.30 am.

    Press Release:

    Please support this cause. The Illinois Eavesdropping law at its very core creates a two-class legal system wherein the conversations of the powerful and well-connected are protected to the detriment of the less powerful. The upcoming oral argument presents a unique opportunity for the common citizen to re-establish that legal balance that will unequivocally establish a right to record public officials in their public duties.

    Therefore, please contribute to this all-important hearing by either attending it, writing about it, spreading the word or just forwarding the below video and press release to anybody who might be of any help.

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