Isn’t it time that IL amended its law about videoing police?

First, watch this 32 second video.

Notice anything unusual happen?


You mean you didn’t see someone driving at a high rate of speed, in the direction of a police officer?  You didn’t see that officer jump out of the way?

Oh, right.  You didn’t see any of that.  Because none of it happened.

Yet John Hockenjos of Brooklyn, NY was charged with a felony for allegedly trying to run over a NY police officer.

But the charges were recently dropped after prosecutors saw the above surveillance video, showing that Mr. Hockenjos slowly pulled into his driveway, parked, and the officer didn’t even flinch.

Many times I’ve been asked, “why would an officer risk his badge and lie about a case?”  Especially when the officer has no apparent reason to lie.

Well, I don’t know why some lie, but it happens.  Far too often.

And if it wasn’t for this surveillance camera, Mr. Hockenjos would probably have been convicted of a felony, because it would be the officer’s word against the defendant’s (oh, and his wife — who is still facing charges!!).

Just yet another example why the Illinois legislature should pass HB3944 and allow citizens to video record police officers who are acting in their official capacity.

If police are doing their job properly and professionally, they have very little to fear.  Video should be mostly helpful to police — as evidence in criminal cases or false excessive force claims.

So…exactly why are the police against having citizens video record them?

One thought on “Isn’t it time that IL amended its law about videoing police?

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