This Week in DUI

Lots went on this week.

Arizona lawmakers are considering a vote to restore the fundamental right to a jury trials for a misdemeanor DUIs a year after removing away that right.

Hundreds of DUIs in San Francisco may be tossed out because of improper calibrations of breath test devices.

Sports Division:

Rachel Connor

21 year old professional golfer Rachel Connor was arrested for a DUI at 2:20 a.m. in Sarasota Florida.  She had a BAC of 0.13.  Eddie George, the retired star NFL running back, was a passenger in her vehicle.

Orson Charles

University of Georgia star Orson Charles, considered by many to be the top tight end prospect in the upcoming NFL draft, was arrested for DUI on Friday in Athens, GA.  He was observed blocking traffic at 3:00 a.m.  He blew a .095 on the breath test.

Alex White

Colorado Rockies pitcher Alex White was arrested for DUI last weekend in Scottsdale, Arizona.  He is reported to have blown over 0.08.

And two non-DUI sports related crime blotter stories:

Former MLB first overall draft pick Brien Taylor was arrested for purchasing large quantities of cocaine in North Carolina.

And Ndamukong Suh was arrested in Portland for speeding, just a few months after his late night car crash.

Media Division:

Adrien Whitsett, an Omaha news anchorman, received 30 days in jail for his third DUI arrest.  He was reported to have been stopped after driving the wrong way on a one way street, and had a breath test result over three times the legal limit.

Police Division:

Chicago Police Officer Richard Bolling received a three year prison sentence for his fatal DUI accident that killed a thirteen year old boy.

San Diego Sheriff’s Detective Barbara Jean Crozier plead guilty to DUI and hit and run after leaving the scene of an accident where she ran over someone’s foot.

A Hamilton County, TN deputy was charged with DUI after flipping over his pickup truck on a busy road.  The story states that he refused medical treatment and implies that he refused a breath test.

The Davidson County Jail Director of Operations Kevin Cox was arrested for DUI after being found slumped over his wheel at an intersection in Murfreesboro, TN.  He refused a breath test.  He had two fully loaded weapons in his trunk.

Politics Division:

Anthony “Andy” Bailey, a Union City, South Carolina city councilman resigned after being arrested for a DUI related crash.

Also in South Carolina, a Lee County, S.C. magistrate judge resigned after being arrested for DUI after crashing his vehicle in an embankment near someone’s front yard and blowing 0.21 on the breath test.

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