Chicago Cop chokes young St. Patrick’s day reveler (video)

This video speaks for itself. Not exactly professional conduct from one of “Chicago’s finest” yet the person who recorded this video could be charged with a class one felony punishable by up to 15 years in prison.  The citizens of Illinois urgently need HB3944, which would allow citizens to video record police in their official duties, to pass into law.

3 thoughts on “Chicago Cop chokes young St. Patrick’s day reveler (video)

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  2. police officers serve and protect. when they diffuse a situation, everybody calls them “aggressive” and “excessive”. rarely, are they acknowledged for protecting everybody [else at that bar] and diffusing the situation. clearly, the man or woman wanted an altercation. and if a 30 person bar-fight breaks out, the police are blamed for not doing their job. the officer should be commended for evaluating the situation (serve), BY HIMSELF!, and keeping innocent bystanders safe (protect). my tax dollars help pay his salary and i hope every Chicago Police Officer in the future NEVER hesitates to use the force they deem necessary to maintain order, no matter whose phone camera is watching…

    • Mark, thanks for your comment. Clearly, we see things differently. I make no excuses for the obnoxious loudmouth in the video. However, the officer could have detained him and called for backup (as he eventually did) without carrying him for several feet by his neck. In any event, the fact that there is a video provides us with the ability to argue about what should have been done as opposed to what actually happened.

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