More thoughts on the IL House’s vote to prevent you from video recording cops

The more I think about it, the more cowardly and craven the Illinois House’s vote to kill HB3944 seems.

The House members know that Judge Sacks in Cook County and Judge Frankland of Crawford County have ruled that the current law is unconstitutional.

They probably figure that ultimately the Illinois Supreme Court will overthrow the law.

So why should they get their hands dirty, and anger the police union, when the same result can be achieved by sitting on their hands and doing nothing. Not exactly a Profile in Courage.

So what if in the meantime, people will be charged with Class One felonies, punishable from four to fifteen years in prison, for simply recording police officers acting in their official capacity on the public way?

You may want to email your local representative and ask about their vote and where they stand vis a vis the police and the rest of us..

update:. Here is a link to how each representative voted.

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