The Illinois DUI Fact Book

Here is the link to the Illinois Secretary of State’s 2012 DUI Fact Book:

Here are some interesting facts that I gleaned from it:

1. In 2010, 85% of Illinois DUIs were committed by first offenders — this tells me that our DUI laws are effective in deterring repeat offenses, and getting treatment for problem drinkers to prevent them from getting new DUIs.

2. 95% of DUIs result in supervision or conviction — That means that only one in twenty are found not guilty or have their cases dismissed! And I hear people complain all the time about “lenient judges” and defense oriented laws!

3. The Secretary of State computes the average cost of a DUI for a defendant as being $16,580! That is a lot more than a cab ride!

4. The average breath test result was 0.16 — twice the legal limit. Of the people who failed breath tests, only 8% were at 0.08 or 0.09, so the reduction of the law from 0.10 to 0.08 only had a small effect; about 70% were in the 0.10 to 0.19 range.

5. Most DUI arrestees are young — the most typical defendant is a male in his early 20s. Most DUI defendants are under the age of 35. And three quarters of them are male.

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