TLC’s DUI show to return June 28th

TLC’s DUI show will return for its second season June 28th. As you may recall, this show followed Oklahoma patrol officers, with each episode highlighting two DUI arrests, from stop through court resolution.

Here is video from the first episode of the upcoming season:

If you search this blog by clicking the tag at the bottom of this post for TLC’s D.U.I. show, you can read my comments about the first season.

Amongst my criticisms of the first season were:

  • the officers were treated like experts; and no one was ever brought on camera to critique the manner in which they did their job or how they determined that someone was under the influence (even though 25% of the defendants depicted were found not guilty, and others were given reduced charges);
  • no lawyers were on the show, to explain the legal process or to raise doubts about the prosecution’s case, or just to provide some context to what was going on; and
  • there was very little discussion about the diseases of alcoholism and drug addiction, and the options for curing it.

I plan to continue to blog my comments about this show when it airs. Stay tuned!

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