Our gutless legislators are content to let the Courts do their dirty work

This time, my heading sums it up.

The Illinois Legislature has once again failed to reach an agreement on proposed change to the Eavesdropping statute, to allow citizens to video record police who are in public and acting in an official capacity.

As the law currently stands, it remains a Class One Felony, punishable up to 15 years in prison, to record a police officer. However, a Federal Appellate Court and two state trial court judges have held that the statute is unconstitutional.  The Federal Appellate Court’s ruling bars any local entity from enforcing the statute.

If you search through this blog, you can find several examples of police officers having their false stories exposed by videotape.  And you won’t have to search too hard to find people whose lives were put on hold or ruined because they were charged with a Class One Felony for taking a cell phone video of police.

But our gutless legislators keep delaying, hoping that once the appeals of these court rulings become final, the issue will be resolved, without their having to take an official stand on the proposed amendment and be labelled as “soft on crime” in their upcoming campaigns.


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