Chicago Bar Association Judicial Evaluations are now available for upcoming election

Earlier this week, I posted that the Illinois State Bar Association had released its Judicial evaluations for the upcoming election.  Now, the Chicago Bar Association (“CBA”) has published its findings.

I am a member of the CBA’s Judicial Evaluation Committee, and I can tell you that for each judicial candidate, an investigation is conducted, in which we try to reach as many attorneys who have appeared in front of the judge (if already on the bench) or have tried cases against him or her (if not yet on the bench), along with many other personal references, former co-workers and colleagues.  After that, we review the Candidate’s paper trail, including any ethics complaints, lawsuits against him or her, writings, appellate court citations and references in newspapers or other other media.  Finally, we meet with the Candidate to take the person’s measure and ask questions about his or her approach to the bench.  So, in other words, we try to do a good job so that the public has all the information it needs to know to make an informed decision.

Here are the links:

View the CBA’s complete findings in the Green Guide to Judicial Candidates.

 View a two-page, printable Pocket Guide (take this quick guide with you to vote).

 Get the Pocket Guide on your smart phone at

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