Omaha DUI attorney arrested for his third DUI

Even before I received my driver’s license, I knew it was wrong to ever get behind the wheel of a car if I was not sober.  And working as a DUI and personal injury attorney for years, I have seen the horrendous injuries that can be caused by car accidents.  Add to that the criminal and civil penalties, and the damage to one’s reputation.

I have never driven after more than one glass of wine or beer, and now that I have children, I don’t ever drink even that much if they will be in the car with me.

So I am always a bit surprised when a fellow lawyer, who should know better, gets busted for a DUI.

Having said that, I know this happens.  I have represented attorneys who have been charged with DUI or other criminal violations.  I have also represented police officers, deputies, doctors, business leaders and other prominent people  Many of my clients are deeply religious and leaders in their communities.  I am also aware of other attorneys, and even judges who have been charged with driving under the influence.

But it still stuns me to read of Robb Gage, a DUI attorney in Omaha, NE, who was recently arrested for his third DUI after he attempted to flee from an accident.  Another driver saw the crash, and running after Gage in flip-flops, caught up with him and detained him.  Gage had a blood alcohol result of 0.22.

According to the story:

Gage, who had drunken-driving convictions in 2004 and 2008, is expected to be charged Thursday with third-offense aggravated DUI, a felony punishable by up to five years in prison.

Gage was in the Douglas County Jail and unavailable for comment.

As a side note, I am also disappointed when a DUI lawyer gets arrested and agrees to the breath test!  What kind of lawyer is he? Doesn’t he notice that when cops are busted for DUI, they refuse?  What do they know that he doesn’t?

Here is a video that Mr. Gage has on the internet to advertise his services:  Robb Gage, DUI attorney.  It is pretty cheesy.

3 thoughts on “Omaha DUI attorney arrested for his third DUI

  1. Elizabeth, thanks for the comment. I definitely agree that Mr. Gage needs some time off to re-focus and deal with his criminal cases and alcohol issues. I do hope that he can turn his life around, quit drinking, and become a credit to the profession, instead of an embarrassment.

  2. I went to high school with Robb. Sadly, I was an idiot back then too. He won’t learn, he feels he’s above it all. I was in Omaha visiting and stopped in to have a drink @ a long time Omaha watering hole. Robb was there, in prime form. Shame.

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