Did a Police Officer post a video of himself driving drunk at 100 mph?

According to a local ABC channel, a San Francisco police sergeant posted a video to his Facebook page claiming to be him driving drunk at 100 mph through a tunnel, in a Lamborghini.  With friends in the car. The video is embedded above.

The matter is now under investigation and the sergeant has removed the video from his Facebook page.  Too bad for him that the internet has a big memory.

Personally, I think there is something fishy about this video.  This happened in broad daylight.  The tunnel is empty.  We don’t see or hear any of the occupants of the car.

My guess is that the sergeant thought it would be funny to make up a “tall tale” to go along with the video and it backfired.

However, if I am wrong and the original story is correct, this Sergeant is going to wish that he never heard of Facebook.


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