A few celebrity DUI updates

Here are some updates on previously “celebrity DUI” cases that I have blogged about:

bushduiMatt Bush, the former first overall pick in the MLB draft, was sentenced to 4 years and 3 months in prison for an aggravated DUI involving serious physical injuries.  As I blogged before, Mr. Bush was alleged to have struck a 72 year old motorcyclist, and drove over the man’s head.  Bush then fled the scene.  He later was determined to have a 0.18 blood alcohol concentration.  Bush was released by the Tampa Bay Rays in October.

According to Deadspin.com, Bush and his attorneys were presented with two alternative sentences by prosecutors:  he could choose to serve only three years in prison, but with seven years of probation, or four years in prison without probation.  According to the story, neither Bush (who has a history of alcohol related offenses) or his attorney had faith in his ability to avoid a new offense.  Wow.

jamalFormer Atlanta Falcons’ running back Jamal Anderson had his DUI dropped, and he plead guilty to reckless driving.  He was placed on 12 months probation, ordered to perform 64 hours of community service and pay fines.  Anderson had been arrested in June and has always proclaimed his innocence.

struthers“All in the Family” actress Sally Struthers plead not guilty to her pending OUI case in the State of Maine, and her case has been scheduled for a bench trial on February 13, 2013.  Struthers had denied the allegations against her when she was first arrested in September.

brentThe Cowboys and the NFL have announced that defensive tackle Josh Brent, who has been charged with involuntary manslaughter in the alcohol related death of teammate Jerry Brown, will not be allowed to stand on the sidelines during games.  Brent had been invited to stand on the sidelines by one of his teammates last weekend, without the knowledge of the Cowboys.

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