The “wake-up” call of the year?

People often refer to their DUI arrest as their “wake-up call” — the moment when he or she realized that his or her drinking had gotten out of control.  Often, an arrest for DUI is the first step on the road towards sobriety.

I mention this because of a news story that a man was arrested for DUI after he drove onto the lawn of the former home of Bill Wilson, the co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Perhaps this incident will be a wake-up for this motorist.

From the AP:

Vermont State Police say a man faces a drunken driving charge after driving onto the lawn of a historic home once owned by the co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Police say 55-year-old Donald Blood III of Marlborough, Mass., was ordered to appear in court in Bennington on Jan. 14.

Police say Blood thought he was driving into a parking lot, but actually it was the lawn of the Wilson House, built in 1852 in Dorset, the birthplace of AA co-founder Bill Wilson.

The Wilson House’s website describes it as a “place of sanctuary where people can come to give thanks to God for their new lives.”

It still hosts several AA meetings each week.

You can learn more about A.A. at

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