Update: Robbins Police Chief retires

Johnny Holmes, the police chief of south suburban Robbins, retired Friday, after his second DUI arrest in three years.

According to Patch, Holmes retired after a Village meeting Thursday night.  According to Patch:  “The village released an official statement from Holmes:

I am proud and feel privileged to have served the Village of Robbins and its police department for 33 years. I consider my retirement as starting a new life for myself and my family. May God bless the Village of Robbins and my continued efforts towards becoming a better person. Thank you Village of Robbins for allowing me to serve.

Holmes had served as police chief in Robbins for 21 years.

“Chief Holmes was able to maintain the integrity and credibility of the police department by reducing crime and by holding his officers accountable for the service they provided to the community,” the release from the village’s administration states.

Holmes was suspended a few days after his arrest, said village Administrator Napoleon Haney.”

Read the whole story here at http://palos.patch.com/articles/robbins-police-chief-charged-with-dui-retires

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