Updates on two actor’s DUIs

depardieuEarlier this week, famed French actor Gerard Depardieu skipped his court appearance in France for his DUI.  This comes on top of news that he was seeking Russian citizenship in response to France’s new 75% top rate tax law (which has been ruled unconstitutional).

According to newsfeed.com:

Depardieu’s Tuesday hearing was intended to be a quick judicial formality under France’s version of plea bargaining. The case arose from a minor accident Depardieu provoked Nov. 29, while allegedly piloting his scooter with what turned out to be nearly four times the legal limit of alcohol in his system. Yet rather than plead guilty and receive a modest fine as planned, Depardieu’s absence means his charges will now be sent to criminal court, where he’ll face maximum penalties of $5,850 in fines and up to two years in the clink.

Seems like he made a big mistake by failing to appear in court.  At least if he ever intends on standing on French soil again.

Also, TMZ.com has posted camera phone video of Thomas Gibson’s arrest.  They claim that the video shows five police officers trying to wrestle Gibson, who was resisting arrest.

Here is the video:

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