Amended version of new DUI law now online

The latest version of the proposed rewrite of the Illinois DUI statutes are now online and can be read here.

I see that it now fixes one obvious mistake — whereas first offenders who failed a breath, blood or urine test, and second offenders who either did that or refused a test could get their summary suspension periods reduced by complying with the Ignition Interlock Permit (“IIP”) program, repeat offenders who failed a test inexplicably could not.  Now, they too will be able to reduce the period of their suspension, from 18 months to 12, so long as they sign up for the IIP within 30 days of their suspension and are otherwise in full compliance.

They are keeping the part that requires everyone who receives a summary suspension to present proof of an alcohol evaluation and treatment before reinstatement, even if they are found not guilty of the underlying DUI offense.

The proposed law also changes the definition of “first offender” for summary suspensions.  Currently, a motorist is classified as a first offender under the suspension law if they have not had a DUI or similar offense in the past 5 years (note:  this only applies to summary suspensions, not DUIs). Under the bill, the “five year” rule would be eliminated and only actual first offenders would be classified as such.

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