Dash Cam brings down another lying DUI cop

A Sacramento California police officer has plead no contest to making false reports and perjury in DUI cases, resulting in over 70 cases being overturned.  He was brought down in part by his dashboard camera.

From the local ABC affiliate:

A police officer accused of filing false DUI reports, causing the cases to be thrown out, pled no contest more than two years after he was charged.

Former Sacramento police officer Brandon Mullock, 27, was charged with four felony charges – one count of perjury, three counts of filing false police reports, Sacramento County District Attorney Office spokesperson Shelly Orio said.

Mullock resigned from the police department in August 2010.

Orio said during the investigation, the police department and the D.A.’s office found the Mullock lied about DUI suspects refusing to do field sobriety tests, staggering or slurring their speech, and suspects making incriminating statements about being drunk.

In September 2010, the district attorney had to drop 79 cases written by Mullock after discovering inaccuracies in his reports compared to what was recorded by his patrol unit video. The cases mostly involved DUIs and Mullock as the main officer/witness. Orio said 73 of the cases already had convictions, which had to be recalled and set aside.

The trial against Mullock began in May 2011. He was cited in 23 different cases, where he was charged with 33 counts of perjury and filing false reports.

Orio said as part of his agreement with the court, Mullock pled no contest to four felony counts and the judge can consider the dismissed cases when handing down his sentence.

Mullock’s sentencing is scheduled for April 19.

From the original story when this was just breaking back in 2010, also from the local ABC affiliate:

The Sacramento County district attorney’s office is investigating arrests made by a 25-year-old Sacramento police officer after discrepancies were discovered between the officer’s written reports and arrest video from his patrol car’s camera in two cases.  Those two DUI cases have now been dismissed.

Officer Brandon Mullock, who has been on administrative leave since January for brandishing a gun during an off-duty incident, has been with the Sacramento Police Department for three years. He was assigned to DUI enforcement in October 2009.

In one of the two cases,  Mullock wrote he pulled over a silver car on 16th Street in downtown Sacramento on Jan. 9, 2010, for a broken license plate light. Mullock wrote the 24-year-old driver appeared intoxicated, failed a field alcohol screening test and was uncooperative. Jan. 9, 2010 DUI arrest documents

The attorney for Alem Kajmic says the patrol car video shows Kajmic was cooperative.  Alan Donato also says the video clearly shows Mullock did not perform a test he claimed to have administered.

“As you can see, he never explains to him, follow my finger. He never admonished him. he never did the test at all,” Donato said .

The second case involved a woman, then 21, who was pulled over last November near the intersection of L and 15th streets in Sacramento.  Mullock’s police report claims the woman failed five field sobriety tests including counting and balance tests.

The woman’s attorney, Mark Sollitt provided the police report and video.  He says the video shows otherwise.

“The report says her speech was slow and thick.  You can see her speech pattern is completely normal,” said Sollitt. (The woman, who did not want to be identified, is recognizable in the video so News10 is not showing it.).

The district attorney’s office would not say how many of Mullock’s arrest reports were being checked.

The proliferation of dash cam videos, surveillance cameras and cell phone recordings have made it quite commonplace for officers to be exposed for their lying ways.  I have stories about them pretty regularly (here is a link to last month’s).  So take this as a reminder that just because someone is wearing a badge doesn’t mean that they are any more credible than anyone else.

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