PA Man charged with 13 DUIs owned 3 rehab centers

I guess if you are going to spend a lot of time in rehab, you might as well own the place.  Maybe that is what Lawrence Konyves of Pennsylvania thought.

According to NBC 10 Philadelphia, Konyves was recently found guilty of his 12th and 13th DUIs.  Unlike Illinois and most states, it is not a felony to be arrested for a third or greater DUI in Pennsylvania, and there is only a minimum one year (and maximum five year) sentence for DUIs four and up.  Konyves has been routinely getting a 1 or 2 year sentence, most of it spent in rehab, up until his most recent two arrests.

According to the story, “Konyves was a self-employed builder who owned three rehab centers and is on the board of directors of a recovery house association.”

This time, the judge gave him a 5 to 10 year sentence.

As I discussed in an earlier blog post, in Illinois a person would be looking at a life sentence for a 12th or 13th DUI conviction.

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