Bears’ Evan Rodriguez arrested for DUI in Chicago

rodriguezChicago Bears TE/FB Evan Rodriguez has had his second alcohol related arrest of the off-season, and this time its a DUI.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Rodriguez was arrested by Illinois State Police earlier today at 3:30 a.m. downtown on I-90.  According to reports, he blew 0.17, over twice the legal limit.  Under Illinois law, a first offender who has such a high breath test result is required to undergo an alcohol evaluation, comply with recommended education and/or treatment, attend a victim impact panel, perform 100 hours of community service and pay a minimum fine of $500 (plus mandatory fees and costs, which will more than triple that amount) as part of any sentence.  Also, his driver’s license will be suspended for six months, although he can obtain a “monitored device driving permit” (“MDDP”) which will allow him to drive for the last five months of the suspension so long as he has an ignition interlock device installed on his vehicle.

Earlier this off-season, Rodriguez was arrested in Miami Beach after he allegedly was drunk and interfering with a police officer who was conducting a DUI investigation after an accident in which Rodriguez was a passenger.  The charges against Rodriguez were later dropped, but surely it does not reflect well on Rodriguez that he has demonstrated a pattern of late night drinking and poor decision-making.

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