Blog Item Updates & Links

rousso– There has been a civil settlement in the lawsuit against Carly Rousso, the Highland Park teenager who is accused of driving after “huffing” cleaning products and killing a three-year old.  The criminal case has been re-scheduled for September 27th.

Why would the parties settle before the criminal case got resolved?  I don’t know, but here is an educated guess:  probably Rousso’s insurance carrier was willing to tender the full policy limits (or perhaps something very close to those limits), without an admission of fault, in return for a final settlement of the case.  This would avoid costly and lengthy litigation for the family.  A policy offer is hard to turn down, especially when the defendant is a nineteen year old who likely has little ability to pay any amount in excess of the policy, either now or anytime soon.

– In response to the DUI arrest of a limo driver who was taking Glen Ellyn seniors to prom, both houses in Illinois have passed a law making it a felony for a driver-for-hire to be driving under the influence while having passengers in his or her vehicle.  Under the law, it would be a Class 4 felony, punishable from probation up to three years in prison.  Governor Quinn must sign the law before it will take effect.

gracecourtFormer Chicago Cub Mark Grace has completed four months of jail in Maricopa County’s “Tent City” and now must serve two years of probation.  Did Sheriff Joe make him autograph a pair of pink underwear?

Erin Brockovich was arrested for “DUI while in charge of a boat” in Lake Mead near Las Vegas, NV.  I am guessing that Steven Soderbergh will not be contacting Julia Roberts about this for a sequel.

– Not a direct update, but another hypocritical politician:  A Georgia State Congressman who sponsored a bill requiring drug testing for welfare recipients, has been charged with a DUI.

– Also, another story of a man getting a DUI on a lawn mower, this time in New York State.

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