Making it easy for the police, a continuing series

Here is the latest news item where someone might as well have put a bow on her head because she was gift-wrapping a DUI arrest for the police.

From FOX 19 news “Woman arrested for DUI after driving herself to jail”:


Sheriff’s deputies made a DUI arrest overnight Tuesday after a woman drove herself straight to the county jail.

Lynn Jackson Clemens, 46, is now inside the Jackson County Jail.

Authorities said she was found intoxicated just outside of the jail. She’s charged with DUI and violation of the open container law.

Sheriff’s officials said she pulled up to the Sally Port Gate around 1 a.m. Tuesday morning. The gate is a secure entrance and exit where inmates are admitted and discharged from the jail.

Amid concerns of a possible escape attempt, deputies were called to the scene. Turns out that wasn’t the case, but investigators said Clemens was found to be heavily intoxicated.

Authorities are unsure why she would drive to the jail impaired.

Clemens remains in the jail under $1,000 bond.

Here was my previous post about someone “making it easy.”

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