Over a thousand Kane County DUIs were not reported to the Secretary of State

According to the Daily Herald, the Kane County Board has called for a criminal investigation to find out why over one thousand DUI convictions were not reported to the Secretary of State.  Without reporting, these convictions would not show up on a person’s driving record, and no action would be taken against the person for the conviction.

This failure meant that a person whose drivers license should have been revoked for a DUI conviction was able to drive legally.  And a person who was arrested for a subsequent DUI might have only been charged with a misdemeanor DUI instead of a felony, or had his or her next DUI treated as a less serious offense than it should have.

From the Daily Herald:

It’s been nearly 50 days since Kane County Board members called for a criminal investigation into the circumstances surrounding more than 1,000 DUI convictions that went unreported to the state…”We received the request,” Kane County State’s Attorney Joe McMahon said Friday. “However, we do not comment on the status of an existing investigation or any pending or potential investigation.”

The response is standard practice for such investigations.

But that hasn’t stopped officials from asking what’s going on.

County Board Chairman Chris Lauzen … questioned why the request for an investigation is coming now versus when the problem actually occurred. Former Kane County Circuit Court Clerk Deb Seyller notified state officials of the unreported DUIs before she left office last year. Before that, she indicated problems with the DUI record-keeping during both funding requests for her office and testimony she provided during a lawsuit between her and the county board.

On Friday, Seyller said she’s had no contact from McMahon’s office since board members asked for the investigation in June.

“I can’t seriously think of anything for them to ask about, let alone investigate,” Seyller said.

She’s attributed the unreported DUIs to a faulty case management system in her office.

That system is currently in the process of being replaced.

It’s not clear whether McMahon’s office would even be able to investigate what occurred…”I will talk to them,” Davoust said. “It probably is about time to find out what’s going on.”

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