Woman brutalized by FL police during DUI stop charged with assault

christinewestI have embedded below a news story about Christina West, who was stopped for DUI by Tallahassee police.  After having been placed under arrest, she was seated in a squad car.  After she annoyed the officers by repeatedly asking questions, she was asked to exit the squad, and when the petite West squirmed while handcuffs were being placed on her, she was violently slammed on the roadway, resulting in the the picture you see below.

Of course, Ms. West was initially charged with assaulting a police officer, a common tactic by police to gain the upper hand and protect themselves.  The officer even put this in his police report: “West was placed on the ground where she began to thrash and kick wildly. West kicked me in the groin area and kicked officer Schmidt in the leg… West was placed in a thigh lock on the ground as I secured her hands. While handcuffing West’s hands, she continued to violently make attempts to grab for my groin area with her hands.”

The State’s attorney has dismissed the assault charge, but DUI charges are still possible, pending blood test results.

1 thought on “Woman brutalized by FL police during DUI stop charged with assault

  1. I’m actually shocked that the SA has dropped the bogus assault charge. Unfortunately, I am not shocked the police exercised such unnecessary violence upon this tiny woman. The quality of a nation’s civilization can be largely measured by the methods it uses in the enforcement of its criminal laws.

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