Drunk Driver who made YouTube confession confirms my doubts

You probably remember Matthew Cordle, the man who posted his dramatic confession to being drunk behind the wheel when he caused the death of Vincent Canzani.

You may even remember my blog post from last week, when I expressed doubt about his method of confessing as well as his motives.

This week, he plead guilty to the charges. So why do I feel vindicated?

1. He did not plead guilty at his first court hearing. Instead, he plead “not guilty” which meant that the case would be assigned to a different judge. A judge that his attorneys figured would give him a better sentence. Do you remember how in his video Cordle claimed that he wasn’t going to use “high-powered” attorneys?

2. According to this news site, Cordle’s attorney’s are “are weighing whether to seek Cordle’s release on bond before sentencing to allow him to spread his anti-drunken-driving message.” Yes, they are trying to get him out of jail so that he can preach about the evils of drunk driving. This way, he can skip the “going to prison to reflect on his crime” part of the deal. Brilliant!

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