Court: No Civil Rights Violation when Chicago Cop made false DUI arrest

Here is a link to United States District Judge Charles Kocoras’ opinion in the case of Paul Myvett v. City of Chicago and Richard Fiorito.

Myvett accused former Chicago Police Officer Fiorito of wrongfully arresting him in order to earn overtime money.  It was alleged that the officer had been doing this repeatedly, to earn extra overtime pay and to target gays.

Myvett’s DUI case was ultimately disposed of “in a manner indicative of innocence” — Judge Kocoras himself was unclear as to how the DUI was resolved (although I would guess that the case was dropped by prosecutors).

The civil rights case was dismissed by Judge Kocoras, because Myvett was not harmed by the arrest.  Because his case was dropped.  After having had his car impounded.  After having been arrested and taken into custody.  After three years of court appearances, legal fees and worrying.  After three years of having the arrest on his record.  Where it will remain until he gets it expunged.  And even then it may still appear on Federal, international and private databases regardless of what actually happened.  But, according to Judge Kocoras, this isn’t enough to justify a civil rights claim.

If you don’t believe me, read the opinion yourself.

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