Update on post about S. Elgin Cop who referred defendant to his softball pal

This is a brief update last week’s post about a South Elgin police officer who allegedly tried to steer a DUI arrestee away from his family’s attorney and towards another attorney that the Officer socializes with.

Since then, I have learned a few more facts about the case, so here they are:

  1. The Motion to Vacate the plea was timely filed within 30 days.  The delay in obtaining a ruling was the result of various issues, including an investigation into the facts, health issues for someone involved and the need for the defendant to obtain a new attorney because his previous attorney was expected to be a witness at the hearing.
  2. The Motion to Vacate was denied because the judge did not believe that a reasonable person would not be so nervous as to order his attorney to plead guilty without first reviewing discovery for potential defenses, as defendant claimed.
  3. The arresting officer in this case had made over 85% of South Elgin’s DUI arrests over an 11 month period.  It is still undetermined how many of this officer’s arrests hired his softball buddy as their defense attorney, or whether any of them received any special plea deals or other considerations.
  4. The news media is looking into this situation and there may be more details forthcoming.

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