Channel 2’s Dave Savini charged with DUI, battery and child endangerment

SaviniOne of the cardinal rules of journalism is to report the news, not make it.

Channel 2’s Dave Savini broke that rule.

From the Daily Herald:

CBS 2 Chicago investigative reporter Dave Savini was arrested Saturday in Naperville and now faces misdemeanor charges including battery, driving under the influence of alcohol, and endangering the life of a child after he left the scene of a minor traffic accident, officials said.

Savini, who lives in Naperville, was arrested about 12:20 a.m. after a minor accident that took place in the parking lot of Taco Bell at 75th Street and Rickert Drive, Naperville police said.

The driver of the other vehicle told police that he wanted to report the collision to police, but Savini refused, Cmdr. Lou Cammiso said. The driver said Savini pushed him when he took a photograph of Savini’s license plate with his phone, Cammiso said.

Naperville Police Sgt. Ken Gettemy said police identified Savini by his vehicle’s license plate, and arrested him near the intersection of Saratoga and Plainfield Naperville roads.

Savini had two children under age 18 in the car, hence the endangering charge, Gettemy said. “I can’t confirm whether or not either, or both, were his kids,” he said.

Savini was released on $3,000 bond shortly after 4 a.m. on the charges, which include a misdemeanor hit-and-run charge, Gettemy said.

From Robert Feder’s blog:

Savini, 46, grew up on Chicago’s Northwest Side and began as a intern for WMAQ-Channel 5’s investigative unit in 1987. He rejoined the NBC-owned station in 1993 from WROC-TV in Rochester, N.Y. In 2004, he jumped to CBS 2.

Among his award-winning series was “Code Blue, Code Red,” which investigated law enforcement officials and exposed 250 drunk driving offenders among Chicago police officers, firefighters and paramedics in 2003.

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