MADD gives Illinois its highest rating for DUI Enforcement


Illinois is doing something right when it comes to drunk driving prevention.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving rated Illinois a “Five-Star State”, the highest possible rating from the group.

“We are honored to receive this recognition from MADD” says Secretary Ann Schneider.  “We have zero tolerance for drunk driving and along with law enforcement throughout the state, we work hard to put programs in place to keep our motorists safe.”

Some of the reasons for Illinois’ top rating is for the all-offender ignition interlock law that went into effect in 2009, as well as sobriety checkpoints.

The rating comes from MADD’s 2014 Campaign to eliminate Drunk Driving report.

I am not surprised.  I will quote myself from a few weeks ago:

According to the Secretary of State, 29% of DUIs result in convictions and 66% result in supervision (a disposition only available for first time offenders).  Only 5% of cases fit into “other” which I assume means either not guilty, reduced to a lesser charge or some other type of dismissal.

So this means that in Illinois, the prosecution wins 95% of the time in DUI cases!

…According to the Secretary of State 85% of DUIs are committed by first offendersThe number of recidivists are small.  The system is working.

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