DuPage State’s Attorney wants Special Prosecutor in Savini DUI case

The Office of the DuPage County State’s Attorney has filed a motion seeking to have a judge appoint a special prosecutor in CBS-2 reporter Dave Savini’s DUI case.  The prosecutor’s are filing the motion because (1) Savini’s brother-in-law is a supervisor in the DuPage State’s Attorney’s office, which would create an appearance of impropriety, and (2) the brother-in-law may be a witness in the case, which, if true, would be a conflict of interest under the Illinois Rules of Professional Responsibility.  Such a conflict would not be limited to just the brother-in-law, but instead would be imputed to the entire office.

The DuPage State’s Attorney has requested that Kane County prosecutors handle the case.  The motion will be heard tomorrow by DuPage County Judge Elsner.

Read more about this story in the Chicago Tribune.

Wednesday update:  The DuPage County State’s Attorney’s motion was granted, and now the case will be prosecuted by the Kane County State’s Attorney.  Read the whole story in the Chicago Tribune.

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