A “what-not-to-do” quadruple yutz

Last week, Nicholas Weesies got the “what-not-to-do” quadruple lutz.  This made him a quadruple yutz.

(If you are not up on your yiddish, here is the definition of a “yutz“).

His prize?  A trip to the Will County jail.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Weesies went to Bolingbrook Branch court to pay a $150 fine for a resisting or obstructing a police officer case.  While in court, his cell phone rang.  According to police, he then made “a derogatory comment” and was arrested.  During a search, police found Alprazolam and marijuana, getting him charged with felony possession of a controlled substance and misdemeanor possession of cannabis.  At the time of this incident, Weesies was already on bond for another case of felony possession of a controlled substance.

So, let me break it down:

  1. If you bring your cell phone to court, make sure to put it on silent or buzz-only, or turn it off before entering the courtroom;
  2. Use proper decorum and treat people with respect when you are in a courtroom.  Be nice to everyone, especially the sheriffs and courtroom personnel, and don’t make derogatory comments (of course, this is how you should always act, but if there is ever a place where you should stifle your inner urge to tell people off, it should be in a courtroom);
  3. Don’t bring contraband to court.  There is no safe place where you can walk around in possession of illegal drugs and avoid arrest, but your chances of getting caught go up exponentially when you enter a place like a courthouse where you are subject to search at any time;
  4. When you are on bond for a felony drug case, you should be on your best behavior.  Any mis-step can get your bond revoked.  So walking around with drugs, let alone taking them to court, leaving your cell phone on ring and insulting court officers while on felony bond is a sure-fire way to find yourself in the County Jail.

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