Update: Bieber tested positive for marijuana and Alprazolam

The results of Justin Bieber’s urine test are in, showing that he was positive for THC metabolite and Alprazolam, which is used in Xanax.  This is not a surprise since he had already admitted using them when he was stopped by police.

In Illinois, the mere presence of cannabis in a person’s system is a DUI — no matter how little or whether the person was actually impaired.  However, my cursory review of Florida’s DUI statute indicates that the prosecution must prove actual impairment (not mere consumption) caused by alcohol and/or drugs.  I have not seen details of Bieber’s performance on the field sobriety tests besides the officer’s conclusion that he “did not perform to standards” which is too vague to draw any firm conclusions.

There have also been some stories circulating on the internet (which I haven’t been able to verify) claiming that there is surveillance footage which disproves the police claim that Bieber was drag racing.

My opinion?  This case is far from over.

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