Chief Keef arrested for DUI shortly after completing 90 day in-patient rehab

keefKeith Cozart, the rap artist who goes by the name “Chief Keef” was arrested for DUI (cannabis) by Highland Park police on March 5th.  This arrest occurred only a few months after he last appeared in court in Cook County for an aggravated speeding case and his attorneys presented the judge with proof that Cozart had completed a 90 in-patient rehabilitation drug treatment program.  At that time, Cook County Judge Earl Hoffenberg told Keef that he would send him to jail if he failed another drug test.

Unfortunately for Cozart, he is now facing jail for violating his sentence in Cook County, as well as prison for the new DUI in Lake County.  The DUI can be charged as a felony because Cozart allegedly had a suspended drivers license at the time of the DUI arrest.  If so, he could face a possible sentence of anywhere from probation to three years in prison.

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