No No, Nono, Don’t do it: Driving Drunk to the Police Station, assault girlfriend in station lobby

nonoI have occasionally posted stories of people “making it easy” for the police.  This one has to go in the Hall of Fame for this category.

From Fox Chicago:

Vance Nono, 51,, of the 7200 block of West 39th Street in Lyons, had been celebrating his birthday by drinking champagne and rum and cokes for most of the day on April 30, a statement from Riverside police said. He was planning on driving home with his girlfriend, a 46-year-old Morton Grove woman, when the two began fighting, and he struck her in the face and chest while driving, police said.

Nono, by then “highly intoxicated,” drove to the Riverside police station at 31 Riverside Road, where he and his girlfriend continued fighting in the lobby, police said.

When police tried to question him, he fought with officers and had to be physically subdued. One officer was injured while attempting to book Nono, police said.

The woman refused medical treatment.

Nono was charged with domestic battery, battery to a police officer, resisting a police officer and DUI, and cited for improper lane usage, following too closely and no proof of insurance, police said. He was ordered held on a $12,000 bond.

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