Take My Advice: Beating yourself up won’t help you beat a DUI rap

Here is a story from England about a man who thought that if he beat himself up, he wouldn’t have to take a breath test.  So he punched himself in the face, slammed his head against doors and ran into a wall.

Well, it partially worked.  He didn’t have to take the breath test.  His actions qualified as a breath test refusal, however the court found that there was enough evidence of intoxication and he was found guilty and received a three year license suspension.

My advice is to avoid giving yourself a splitting headache and unsightly facial bruises.  If you are going to refuse a breath test, you can simply say “I decline to take a breath test.”  It works a lot better than slamming your head into a door and is easier too.  At least in Cook County.*

*These rules may not apply in Kane County or your local jurisdiction.

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