A real life example of why lifetime license revocations for four DUIs should be abolished

As I have mentioned before, our state legislators are considering a bill which would allow for restricted driving permits for persons who have four DUI convictions (which is currently a lifetime license revocation).  Today’s Chicago Tribune highlights one of the people that this law may (but may not) help out:

Lawmakers heard a personal plea from Mike Geever, a 52-year-old from Glendale Heights who wants his driving privileges restored so he can do his job as a plumbing parts salesman.

His long record of driving infractions includes five DUI arrests, with four convictions. He lost his license from 1985 to 1995. He lost it again, permanently, in February. Oddly enough, the permanent revocation was tied to his last conviction, which was in 2003.

A nearly decadelong computer glitch at the Kane County circuit court clerk’s office meant 2,345 DUI convictions were not reported to the secretary of state’s office, said Tom Hartwell, the current clerk, who inherited the issue from his predecessor. Most of the backlog was reported to the state last year, Hartwell said.

The secretary of state’s office issued Geever a license in 2007, and he kept the driving privileges until the record mix-up caught up with him a few months ago — about a decade late and after Geever said he already had cleaned up his life.

For Geever, the change in life started with going to church, getting mentored by his pastor and working through the 12-step program of Alcoholics Anonymous, something he said he still practices each day. He met his wife at a Bible study, and they’ve been married for more than three years. He’s a deacon at Lamplighter Bible Church in Streamwood.

“Now I go to bed at 9 and wake up to go to the gym at 5 a.m.” he said Friday. “I don’t party anymore. I have a family. I have learned from my mistakes.”

While Geever testified in favor of the bill, there’s no guarantee he would qualify to get a license if the measure becomes law. No more than one of the four DUI convictions could be related to drugs, and a state prisons official said Geever was behind bars twice for drug-related DUIs.

(Story by Maura Zurick for the Tribune)

Can I personally guarantee that if Mike Geever gets a driving permit that he won’t get another DUI?  No, I can’t.  And neither can Mike Geever.  Alcoholics and drug addicts are always at risk to relapse.

But I do believe that any person who is able to go 10 years without incident, who has totally changed his life and is working every day with his sponsor to remain abstinent deserves a chance to have a restricted driving permit, requiring him to drive with a breath interlock device, so that he can support his family.

I hope our Illinois legislators listen to people like Mike and vote for this reasonable and compassionate bill.

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