Warning: Eating the evidence might subject you to more charges

tavishHere is a story from Florida (where else), about a woman who couldn’t stop herself even after she was already arrested for DUI after being involved in two crashes and driving the wrong way on a highway.  From WTSP.com:

Tavish Smith might be the happiest and friendliest arrestee, but the night she arrested was no laughing matter.

After crashing her truck, driving down the wrong way of a highway she crashed again.

Police surveillance showed Smith wiggling out of her handcuffs, reaching into the front seat and stealing the sandwich bag the trooper found in her car.

“Good ole marijuana, right there in the passenger’s seat,” the trooper said. “My car’s smelling like the stuff you had in your seat.”

When she couldn’t get back into her handcuff, that’s when she’s busted.

“Do you have your handcuffs in front already?” The trooper asked. “Did you slip out?”

Smith said no.

“I could have sworn I just saw you scratch your nose,” the trooper said.

“Oh yeah I did,” Smith said.

“Stay in your handcuffs please,” the trooper said. “I hope that’s not why this marijuana bag was open over here. “Bags of weed just don’t go missing inside a police car.”

Her misdemeanor charges for minor hit-and-run, DUI and drug possession were bumped up to a felony for eating the evidence.

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