See how differently a Trooper behaves when he knows he is being recorded

I have written many times on this blog about why it is so important that citizens be allowed to video record police officers who are on duty.  This weekend, a video surfaced that shows once again why this fundamental right is so important — and also why Cook County States Attorney Anita Alvarez and the police unions tried so hard to keep this sort of activity a Class 1 felony.

In this video, a trucker does a gutsy thing — he honked at an Illinois State Trooper who he observed speeding while using a cell phone.  The Trooper was about to ticket the trucker for some made up offense when he was informed that the encounter was being videotaped.  After stepping away and thinking about it, the Trooper comes back and tries to soft-pedal his way into making this go away instead of becoming a viral video.

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