Browns Receiver Josh Gordon arrested for DUI

The Cleveland Browns’ star wide receiver Josh Gordon was arrested this holiday weekend for DWI.  He was pulled over in Raleigh, NC for allegedly speeding 50 in a 35 zone and he failed a breath alcohol test, although not by much.  According to reports, he tested at 0.09, just slightly over the legal limit of 0.08.

The DUI occurred while he was facing a one year suspension by the NFL for a second offense violation of the league’s drug policy.

The arrest also occurred while Gordon was driving a 2015 Cadillac Escalade owned by the Charlotte Hornet’s 2014 first round pick, P.J. Hairston.

Interestingly enough, “Gordon’s $500 bond was paid by Haydn “Fats” Thomas, a convicted felon from Durham who is linked to Hairston and to the rental cars he was driving in a series of traffic stops in the summer of 2013. Hairston’s off-the-court troubles before what would have been his junior season led to his dismissal from UNC.” (quote from

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