Alderman Rey Colon arrested for DUI, could cost him his job

colonFrom the Chicago Tribune:

Ald. Rey Colon, 35th, was stopped about 1 a.m. Friday on the Eisenhower Expressway near Homan Avenue, police spokeswoman Monique Bond said. Colon was charged with misdemeanor DUI.

Colon, 53, was stopped after his 2006 Honda was seen drifting between westbound lanes without signaling as he prepared to exit the highway, Bond said. After being given field sobriety tests, he was arrested and charged with DUI, driving on an expired license, improper lane use and failure to signal.

Bond declined to say whether Colon took a breathalyzer test, as police often do in such cases. The alderman is due in court on Aug. 15, she said.

Being charged with a misdemeanor DUI is bad enough for any politician, let alone one like Colon who had a prior DUI in 1995 according to the Tribune.

But that is not the worst part.  I highlighted the part about Alderman Colon also being charged with driving on an expired license, because under 625 ILCS 5/11-501(d)(1)(H) it is an aggravating factor if “the person committed the violation while he or she did not possess a driver’s license or permit” and Cook County prosecutors could choose to upgrade his case from a misdemeanor to a Class 4 felony.

This happens all the time to people who have had the misfortune to get a DUI in Chicago at a time when their license has expired or was suspended for some minor reason — even if they didn’t know their license was expired or suspended until after the arrest.

Under state law, convicted felons cannot hold municipal office, so if Alderman Colon is convicted, he would become ineligible to hold the office of alderman.

Sounds like he needs a good lawyer.

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