This week in NBA DUI

The NBA has stolen the NFL’s DUI thunder this week.  Here is the latest:

The Suns’ P.J. Tucker plead guilty to “super extreme DUI” and received a sentence of three days jail, 11 days home confinement and probation requiring substance abuse treatment.  He will also have to install a breath ignition interlock device on his vehicle if he wants to drive.

The Warriors’ Marresse “Mo” Speights was arrested for DUI in Florida after he failed to yield while driving his Bentley.  He is reported to have tested at 0.103 and 0.106 BAC, over the “legal limit of 0.08.

And the Celtics’ Vitor Faverani allegedly went through a red light and hit a bus in Spain.  He was arrested and charged with DUI.

Update:  Not a DUI, but 7 foot center Greg Oden has been arrested for punching his former girlfriend.  I am guessing she isn’t as big.


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