Milwaukee Sheriff causes serious accident, then tries to shift blame by arresting other driver for DUI

weykerHere is a story from Milwaukee, where 25 year old Tanya Weyker was seriously injured in an automobile accident caused by Joseph Quiles.  Weyker had her neck broken in four places, after Quiles’ vehicle T-boned hers.

Unfortunately for Ms. Weyker, Quiles is also a Milwaukee County Deputy Sheriff, and he had her arrested for operating under the influence (“OWI”).

Fortunately for her, the crash was recorded on a surveillance video, showing that Quiles went through a stop sign.

Unfortunately for her, that didn’t stop the County from demanding that she pay for the damage to their squad car, or stop prosecutors from pursuing the OWI charges.

In a way, her injuries were fortunate, because at the hospital, her blood was drawn and showed no alcohol or drugs in her system.

But that still didn’t stop prosecutors from protecting their own.  They continued prosecuting Ms. Weyker until Quiles’ lies became so obvious that they had to drop the case.

Read all about it here:



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